Friday, 11 December 2015


In week three, we have learn about learning objectives. The objective of the course is to assist students to be able to: 1)Demonstrate the educational testing, evaluation and assessment and discuss issues and trends in assessment 2)Demonstrate the roles of assessment, instructional goals and learning outcomes in teaching & learning and assessment 3)Demonstrate the to explain reliability, validity and other desired characteristics of measurement, and plan classroom assessment 4)Demonstrate the construct objective & subjective test items, and items to measure complex learning outcomes 5)Develop assessment procedures and administering, analysis, grading and reporting of classroom assessment. Another else, course policy. In course policy, students are required to abide by the university’s Academic Regulation pertaining to all matters during their course of study. Learners are advised to take note that class attendance is very important. Learners who do not meet the attendance requirement will be barred from sitting for the final examination. Course content nclude 1)Educational Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Context, Roles of Assessment in Teaching and Learning. 2)Instructional Goals and Learning Outcomes: Foundations for Assessment. 3)Reliability, Validity and Other Desired Characteristics of Measurement. 4)Planning Classroom Assessment: Test and Evaluation 5)Constructing Objective Test Items: Simple Forms & Multiple-Choice Forms. 6)Constructing Subjective Test Items: Structured Forms & Essay Forms. 7)Measuring Complex Achievement: The Interpretive Exercise’ Performance Based Assessment. 8)Assessment Procedures: Observational Techniques, Peer Appraisal and Self-Report. 9)Assembling, Administering and Appraising Classroom Tests and Assessments 10)Analysis, Grading and Reporting


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