Friday, 11 December 2015


In week five, we have learned about test considerations. Which is include deciding on a method, tests and their development, types of test, observational techniques and questionnaire. Some important first considerations is the tool you propose to use reliable and valid? Base your choice of research tools on how you have asked the research question. For test and their their development refer to a test should measure the nature and extent of individual differences and a good test differentiates people based on true scores. Why use test? To help determine outcomes of experiments, can be used to diagnose strengths and weaknesses, assist in placing individuals in appropriate programs, assist in selecting applicants and used to evaluate a program’s effectiveness. While types of test, there have achievement test sources. Which is have Standardized is to commercially prepared for wide use and scoring instructions included. Another else is Researcher-made, designed by user for specific purpose and scoring instructions specific to test. What Comparison Do Tests Make? First, norm-referenced refer individual’s scores are compared to results from a larger group. Second, Criterion-reference refer to individual’s scores are compared to defined performance standards. Another else, Qualities of a Good Test or Inventory. Which is have Reliability. Reliability refer to a test is reliable to the extent that it measures whatever it is measuring consistently. Reliable tests are stable in whatever they measure and yield comparable scores upon repeated administration. In tests that have a high coefficient of reliability, errors of measurement have been reduced to a minimum.


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